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Insulation is one of the most essential factors in determining your home’s temperature, energy efficiency, and overall health. 

By upgrading the R-Value of your attic insulation you can extend the life of your roof, save money on heating and cooling costs, reduce greenhouse gas emissions while preventing unhealthy air conditions. Learn More…

When your home is begging for a professional insulation adjustment, consider Rock Solid Exteriors. Our experts provide superior insulation services to homeowners across Oakland, St. Clair, Wayne and Macomb Counties. No matter the size and scope of your attic insulation project, our team has the expertise to make a difference. 

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Our Inspection Process

As part of our business model, we offer free insulation inspections to any homeowners interested in upgrading their insulation. Here’s how it works:

  • You Schedule Your Appointment

    It all begins with an easy phone call – our representatives will gather information about your home and set up an appointment date that works best for you.

  • We Thoroughly Inspect Your Home

    Our experts visit your property to make an assessment of your attic system, including your roof and current insulation. We’ll look at the health of your shingles, gutters, and anything else relevant to protecting your home.

  • You Receive a Comprehensive Insulation Report

    Once we’ve gathered all the intel, we repurpose our findings into an easily digestible report, detailing all of our recommendations for a stronger, healthier home, complete with new construction pricing.

Benefits of Improved Insulation

Extend Your Roof's Life!

Upgrade Your Attic Systems

The quality of your insulation and ventilation systems is just as important as your roofs’ shingle material and installation! By combining the proper amount of attic insulation with your up-to-code ventilation system you can eliminate moisture and excessive heat in the attic space. Moisture and excessive heat cause ice dams, wet decking, mold, and premature failure of roofing materials which in turn can cause roof failure and interior damage!

Create a Healthier Home!

Prevent Unhealthy Air Conditions

The health of your family should be of utmost importance. You want to keep your family safe from formaldehyde by using formaldehyde-free insulation and building materials. Dangerous mildews or molds can be prevented from growing inside your ceilings, ducts, and walls by using fiberglass insulation. Keep you and your loved ones safe by preventing mold and mildews!

Reduce your Carbon Footprint and Save Money!

Increase Energy Efficiency and Minimize Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Upgrading your insulation can lower heating and cooling bills for years to come. Insulation helps maintain the home’s temperature which in turn eliminates cold drafts and overheated rooms. This means you are using less energy, which reduces your carbon footprint! Insulation not only maximizes the entire family’s comfort but also increases the home’s energy efficiency overall!

Schedule Your Free Inspection Now

Upgrading the R-Value of your insulation adds value and longevity to your home – and you can take the first steps toward a healthier home right now.

Financing Options Available 

Insulation projects can add up quickly, but their worth to your home far exceeds the cost. Financing options are always available to homeowners looking to improve their homes and prevent future damage. For more information, ask our representatives for affordable options in your Insulation plan.