4 Signs of a Trustworthy Michigan Roofing Contractor

Your Oakland County home’s roof in many ways is the “great protector” of your family. Your home’s roof:

  • Keeps your family safe from storms.
  • Helps your family stay warm in winter and cool in summer.
  • Protects all of your valuables, from furniture to keepsakes and priceless family mementos.

It’s therefore understandable that when it’s time to replace or repair your Clinton Township home’s roof you want to find a trustworthy roofing contractor.

Here are 4 signs the Michigan roofing contractor you’re considering is trustworthy.

The company has the proper licensing and insurance.

A roofing contractor with proper Michigan licensing shows that it’s legally authorized to operate here. Michigan requires that general contractors (including a roofing contractor) working on projects on your home valued at more than $600 must carry a residential builders license or a maintenance and alterations contractor license through Michigan’s Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs.

Both of these licenses require a 60-hour prelicensure course for licensing.

 In addition, the roofing company must have a certificate that proves it has insurance coverage that includes both liability and workers’ compensation. 

The roofing contractor provides you with a written contract.

It’s often tempting to sign up with a roofer who offers to work “on a handshake” with you because they often are less expensive than those who provide written contracts.  A contract actually protects you as well as the contractor, as it helps settle any misunderstandings and/or disagreements that could pop up while the roofer works on your roof.

It’s always smart to always read the contract – particularly its terms and conditions – thoroughly before signing. Don’t be shy about asking questions and be leery of a contractor who appears to brush your questions/concerns aside.

Check that the contractor has a physical office.

Many contractors are small entrepreneurs that work from a home office. This can be fine, but understand that a contractor with a physical office enhances employee productivity and morale. It also helps provide you, the customer, with peace of mind knowing that someone will answer the phone to answer questions or deliver a message when you call. 

The roofing contractor has been in business for several years.

A company serving customers for at least five years shows that other customers are happy with them. The company obviously has earned a trustworthy reputation: chances are great that a dishonest roofer will leave an area once it’s disappointed a certain number of customers. 

Instead, a long tenure serving customers in Oakland County proves that the roofing contractor has been providing satisfactory roofing services to others in your area for years.

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