Cement Driveways vs. Macadam/Asphalt: Which is Best in Michigan?

Most homes across Oakland County, Michigan have driveways made of macadam/asphalt, a thick, black, tar-like substance actually made of stones broken down to an extremely small size, and then used in successful compacted layers to make a sturdy surface for roads, etc. It’s often “bound” with tar or bitumen (hence it’s black color). 

Yet some West Bloomfield, MI homeowners or developers have driveways made of cement in front of their garages. 

Which is best? 

First, the benefits of macadam/asphalt: 

  • It’s less expensive than cement. The average cost to lay an asphalt driveway is $4,996, with a typical cost range to Clinton Township homeowners of between $3,086 to $7,912. 
  • It’s also less expensive to repair than to fix cement driveways. 
  • It’s a lot easier to repair because should an entire driveway need to be replaced, the contractor often only has to repave a top layer of macadam/asphalt is needed. Plus, if cracks need to be fixed, a contractor can simply fill them in with macadam/tar. 
  • It’s very easy to seal the tar/macadam of the driveway, helping it wear better during the expansion in a Michigan summer and contraction during our winters. 
  • Asphalt driveways can be poured and dried in hours, not days. 

The benefits of cement driveways: 

Cement – also known as concrete – is better than asphalt/macadam in the following ways: 

  • They’re very attractive; much more so than asphalt. Concrete driveways just give your West Bloomfield home that extra “class” and “oomph.” 
  • They’re long-lasting: the liquid binding that holds asphalt together is prone to cracking and disintegration due to exposure to air, UV rays, water, and even chemicals. Cement driveways, however don’t need repairs as often and they last far longer. (See below.) 
  • The life of a cement driveway is about 25-30 years. Compare that to the need to re-seal/re-tar an asphalt driveway every five to 10 years. 

An experienced construction company skilled in installing or repairing cement driveways will ensure that it has a solid foundation that correctly drains water and looks beautiful for decades to come. 

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