Common Michigan Roofing Problems

Spring is here. (THANK GOODNESS!!)

Yet with it come four roof potential problems. 

As winter’s snow and ice melt away your home’s roofing may reveal the following issues that you should address before summer’s arrival.

1. Damaged/missing shingles.

Winter can do a nasty number on your roof, especially here in Michigan, as we often experience heavy snow and ice. Even “just” snow – without ice – can put a large amount of stress on your roof, possibly damaging shingles, gutters, etc. Water damage also can occur as the snow/ice melt, potentially creating leaks and other concerns, while high winds can damage or dislodge shingles.

To address these potential issues, seriously consider having your roof inspected by a professional roofing contractor. They can identify if there’s damage and make recommendations for replacement or repair. 

2. Roof leaks.

Snow and ice can actually “hide” leaks in your roof. Leaks appear for several reasons: damaged flashing, missing shingles and/or clogged gutters. Left untreated, leaky roofs can result in water damage, mold and other concerns.

Therefore, early spring is a great time to have your gutters cleaned and inspected. We highly recommend that you hire a professional roof contractor to do so. If they do find leaks or other issues, they can identify the leak’s source and recommend the best way to fix it.

3. Chimney or flashing issues.

Your chimney’s flashing is the seal that creates a waterproof barrier protecting your chimney and roof from water penetration and damage. It’s placed at the spot where your chimney meets your roof and usually looks like strip around the chimney.

If you notice issues with either your chimney or its flashing, you must have them inspected as soon as possible. Again, a professional roofing company can assess any damage and provide recommendations for replacement or repair. 

4. Problems with your roof’s gutters.

We often think of gutters as something of a “pain.” After all, we are told to hoist ourselves up on a ladder and clean them every spring.

But there’s a good reason for this chore: gutters are an important part of your roofing system as they help channel water away from your home’s exterior. Should gutters become damaged or clogged, they can’t properly do their job and water damage to your home’s roof, walls or even foundation could result. 

Spring is a wonderful time: the sun shines longer and brighter, shrubs and trees start to bloom, bulb flowers have started to bud.

Spring soon enough leads to summer, days of poolside fun, barbecues and spending many happy hours outdoors.

Make sure your home’s roof is in great condition so that you can enjoy these two terrific seasons worry-free – and also extend its lifespan – by having your roof inspected by a professional and experienced roofing contractor.

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