Do I Need a New Roof?

10 Warning Signs Your Roof May Need Professional Attention!

If your roof is showing any of the warning signs below it may be time to have your roof inspected by a roofing expert to determine whether it might be time to repair or replace your roof. The average life for a roof is around 20 years old however factors such as extreme weather and improper installation can take years out of your roofs life.

Sign #1: Algae

Have you noticed dark streaks clinging to your roof? Algae can often grow on roofs for long periods of time. In addition to being unsightly and aggravating to remove, it could mean that your roof may have other troubles. While algae are not directly tied to leaks, they may also be present.

Sign #2: Buckled Shingles

Buckled shingles occur when hot air from an attic forces the shingles to buckle away from the home. They are a sure sign of inadequate roof ventilation which can cause the roof to wear out years prematurely and drive up heating and cooling bills. Buckled shingles cannot adequately protect the home.

Sign #3: Curled Shingles

Like buckled shingles, curled shingles are also caused by hot air from the attic. They also are a sure sign of inadequate roof ventilation which can cause the roof to wear out years prematurely and drive up heating and cooling bills. Curled shingles cannot adequately protect the home.

Sign #4: Damaged Flashing

Damaged flashing is a significant problem for a roof. When flashing isn’t properly sealed against a roof, it instead creates a gateway for water to seep into the home. If leaks haven’t been discovered yet, they are in the process of developing.

Sign #5: Granule Loss

Granule loss often occurs to shingles as they age or when they’ve been exposed to extreme amounts of weather. When shingles begin to lose their granules, the roof becomes weaker and less capable of protecting a home from future storms and often can result in leaks.

Sign #6: Lack Of Ventilation

A lack of ventilation can lead to numerous troubles for a roof. Vents allow air into a home’s attic; as a result, it keeps it cool in the hot sun. Without vents to create circulation, the air inside the attic gets extremely hot and will bake the roof’s shingles causing them to deteriorate at a rapid pace. Also, the hot air in the attic forces its way into the living space of a home which can increase cooling costs.

Sign #7: Missing Shingles

Missing shingles can be the cause of extreme weather conditions or improper installation. Missing shingles expose your roof and home directly to inclement weather. In addition to being unsightly and unpleasant to look at, missing shingles is one of the leading reasons for water damage to the home.

Sign #8: Mold

Mold is extremely difficult to detect and can only be seen by looking into the attic of the home. It can often occur due to water leaking through a roof. Should mold be discovered, it should be removed immediately–it is a very serious health risk.

Sign #9: Roof Rot

Roof rot is a true sign that the roof, or at least portions of the roof is in serious decay. A rotted roof cannot protect a home from the elements, and it is only a matter of time before water damage will be discovered in the home.

Sign #10: Roof Spots

Roof spots are ugly dark patches latched onto the roof. They are more than a cosmetic problem; patches can indicate a weakness in the roof. Roof spots should be evaluated to ensure water has not seeped into the underbelly of the roof, or into parts of the home.

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