Energy Efficient Windows

As winter approaches and as heating costs rise, have you thought of installing energy efficient windows in your home? 

The benefits of installing energy efficient windows in your Rochester Hills home are two (and – seriously – that’s all you need) 

1. You’ll reduce your energy bills 

Clinton Township homes with energy efficient windows have what are called “insulating properties.” That means they work to keep your environment inside comfortable during summer or winter. 

What’s more, they help keep cool air from leaving your home while also reducing how much heat exits – or enters. 

Thus, energy efficient windows reduce home energy usage, which results in lower energy bills. 

2. Savings can be considerable. 

We only offer have the ENERGY STAR-approved windows, which means you can lower your energy bill by 12 percent (that figure is for usage nationwide) carbon footprint  seal of approval (we only provide windows certified by ENERGY STAR), which  

Installing single-pane energy efficient windows, can see you enjoying an average annual savings between $101 and $583. What’s more, your home’s carbon emissions are lowered by 1,006-6,205 pounds of CO2 per year, or the equivalent of 51-317 gallons of gasoline.  

Double-pane energy efficient windows in your Shelby Township home can save you between $27-$197/year and reduce CO2 emissions by 236-2,001 pounds per year, which is the equivalent of 13-102 gallons of gasoline. 

Actually, there’s another important reason to install energy efficient windows in your home: 

3. You’ll help lower your carbon footprint. 

We mentioned this above: energy efficient windows can see the average home lower it’s CO2 emissions by an average (across the U.S.) of 12 percent per year. That adds up: as mentioned above, that can come to between 101 pounds to slightly more than 3 tons of CO2 that’s not spewed into the atmosphere.  

And, remember: that’s per year. 

We’d be happy to discuss how installing energy efficient windows can help keep your family warm during the winter and cool during the summer, all while saving your household budget and helping save the atmosphere. 

Learn more about energy efficient windows.  

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