Creating an Exterior Home Improvement Budget for your Michigan Home

You wouldn’t believe us if we said your home improvement dreams can be inexpensive.

But they definitely can be affordable, depending on what “affordable” means to your budget.

Home improvement projects for the interior of your Harrison Township Michigan home truly can be low-cost: painting your home’s walls, swapping out the doors of your kitchen’s or bathroom’s cabinets for new doors, for example, can be relatively low-cost.

And, of course, depending on your budget, even redoing a kitchen, laying down new tile in the kitchen or hardwood floors in the living room, adding a new room, etc. can be well within your budget, depending on your income.

The operative word here is “budget.” That is, you decide what you can afford and decide what home improvement projects that budget can cover.

Exterior home improvement projects tend to cost more, but that doesn’t mean you can’t create a budget that fits with your finances:

Your home improvement budget may see you improving your Southfield home’s exterior bit by bit.

For example:

  • You decide to replace only windows on your home’s front and only on the first floor. You’ll replace the back windows at a later time and then move on to upstairs windows even later.
  • You replace only those siding panels that need repair, planning to replace the rest over time.
  • You decide to scrub your roof’s shingles free of mold and fungus rather than replacing the tiles completely. (Doing so can extend the life of your roof by about five years). This saves you thousands of dollars in immediate costs with the plan to save up month-by-month over the next few years to replace the entire roof at a later date.
  • You’d love to put in a brick driveway but opt for asphalt for the time being, with plans to save $X each month for the next five years and put in a brick drive then.

Another budget-building idea: ask the exterior home improvement company with which you want to work to lock in a price for you for six months. Provide them with a down payment/place holder and then save $X each month for the project you want completed.

Many companies also will lower their charge if you pay cash up front, rather than finance the project with them.

Some home improvement companies may balk at these ideas, but it never hurts to ask.

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