Spring and Your Gutters in Southeast Michigan

Spring will be here soon (we promise)!

That said, now’s a good time to start thinking of getting your Southeastern Michigan home’s gutters cleared out for the coming season.

Winter is rough on gutters. Snow, ice, dead leaves and branches, all fall into them. If heavy enough, the branches could damage the gutters. If enough ice sets in, it could expand the gutters, weakening them.

Cleaning and inspecting your gutters in early spring helps get them ready for the heavy rains of the next two seasons. 

We can’t emphasize enough how important clean gutters are.

Clogged gutters could mean that water pools in them. If enough settles there, it could pool and even flow back onto your roof and walls and then head on down to your Rochester Hills’ home’s foundation.

In addition, debris left hanging out in your gutters might well soak up water, becoming heavy…perhaps too heavy for the gutter system’s mounting brackets. If they were to fall, they could damage your homes windows and/or siding as they head toward the ground.

Water can make a true mess of a home’s foundation.

Gutters and downspouts are critical to keeping your home’s gutters dry and your foundation sound. Cleaning gunk from your gutters and checking them for structural soundness can help keep water from flowing down your wall’s homes and then pool around your home’s perimeter. Water pooled around the foundation can create considerable damage: it’s far better to pay a professional to ensure your gutters are clean and sturdy, than to have to find out home’s foundation has been compromised.

You may want to consider cleaning your gutters twice a year.

Once fall arrives, it’s good to clean your gutters of leaves. They’ll be dry by end of summer’s rains and relatively easy to clear. In addition, if you have pine trees surrounding your home, understand that they do shed a lot of needles, even more than – for example, oak trees shedding leaves.

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