Roof Replacement Cost In 2022

When homeowners are considering construction of a new roof, the first question that comes to mind is: How much is a new roof? It doesn’t really matter whether or not you are looking for a roof replacement, the cost for a new roof cannot be determined without taking a few things into consideration. The reason is simple: Every roof is different.

We can freely say that roofs are custom-made products. In addition, this task is finished by different contractors and they value their work different. So, if you are interested in learning more about new roof cost, you should know that there is no universal answer about how much this important part of the house will cost you. Of course, you should definitely learn more about the things that affect the final price.

Roofing Materials

Let’s start with the roofing materials. The vast majority of roofing products are products that are mostly made of petroleum. There is no doubt that they are durable and well-built, but this is the reason why they are costly too. According to some experts, the materials make up to 40 percent of the final cost of the new roof. It is worth mentioning that this factor is not that important when it comes to flat roofs. The fact is that asphalt shingle roof prices are heavily affected by the materials. Needless to say, these shingles make the roof more attractive and provide more protection.

Roof Size

Generally speaking, the size of the roof is the most important factor that has impact on the price of all types of roofs. This is quite logical because if the roof is bigger, it will take more materials and longer installation process to complete this task. However, homeowners should remember that not all small roofs are inexpensive because there is another factor that contributes to the estimated cost.

Level of Complexity and Roof Construction

Finally, the third factor that has direct impact on the final price is the level of complexity. If we are talking about flat roofs, this factor has very small impact. It might become important in case there are certain issues with water draining that must be resolved. In addition, when it comes to flat roof replacement and the roof has multiple layers of roofing material this may require more time and effort which ultimately means higher cost. The situation is even more complex when it comes to asphalt shingle roof. These sloped roofs have a pitch to them. If the pitch is too steep, roofers must find an alternative way to walk and work on the roof. Finally, if there are some special features on the roof, it will require more time and effort to finish the roof (higher level of complexity).

There is no doubt that a new roof is an investment that will last for a long period of time. However, it is a good idea to check whether it is a better idea to opt for roofing repair. In order to find out what you need, you should consult a professional roofing contractor. Contact your roof replacement specialists at Rock Solid Exteriors today. We proudly offer service throughout Macomb, Oakland, Wayne, and St. Clair Counties here in Michigan.

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