How to Prepare Your Roof for Winter

Winter comes with severe weather conditions such as winter storms, hail, snow and heavy rain. Before the storms hit, you should have done several things to prepare your roof. A good roof will help safeguard your house from the elements and keep your family, possessions, and pets safe and dry. Here are a few winter roofing tips you should apply to make sure your roof is ready to withstand the winter weather.


You might decide to prepare your roof for winter yourself. However, a trained eye would be best suited to help you identify the areas that need addressing. Rock Solid Exteriors is a company based in Michigan that is up to the task. Our company specializes in roof maintenance and would provide you with suitable roofing tips for your home.

Check for Leaks in the Ceiling and Roof

It is usually hazardous to climb on your roof to assess the damage without the necessary equipment. However, you could also tell if your roof has leaked by observing the ceiling. Wet spots on the ceiling or your walls are a good indicator that you should prepare your roof for winter. This is also advisable because it saves you further damage and costlier repairs.

Roof Repairs

You should endeavor to find out whether your roof has damaged shingles or missing tiles. These are often minor things that go unnoticed. However, with the onset of winter, neglecting your roof can prove to be hazardous. A damaged roof with not be able to withstand the harsh weather of winter.

Clear Your Gutters

Gutters are designed to direct the flow of water away from the house and to appropriate drainage channels. Clogged gutters can lead to pooling of water that may cause damage to the wall and further damage to your roof. You should remove debris that has accumulated in the gutters and use gutter guards to prevent further debris accumulation.

At Rock Solid Exteriors, we understand that your roof is essential especially during harsh winter conditions. We are dedicated to working with you to ensure your house is kept safe during winter. Rock Solid Exteriors provides the following exterior services: roofing, siding, gutter installation and repair, window and door repair, attic and home insulation, and more! Call for a free consultation at 844-75-SOLID — we provide roofing installation, repair, and replacement services for folks throughout Michigan.

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