How to Remove Roof Stains

Do you have stained roofing shingles? Roof stains may appear as discoloration, tarnishing or dark staining. It may point to indications of an old roof or possibly a quick roof repair.

To remove roof stains, you might require need to get a stain removal tool. Most of the stains are usually mildew or fungal spores. These stains come from nearby trees and plants. It is important to remove these stains as they often lead to rot, and eventually, leaks in your roof. Fortunately, as Michigan’s premier roofing installation and repair experts, we know roofing. So here are some of our roofing tips you can employ to help you remove roof stains.

Use Bleach

Chlorine bleach is the most common bleaching agent used to remove roof stains. The bleach is mixed with water three times its amount and a small volume of trisodium phosphate. The solution should be applied on the infected part of the roof via a sprayer. You should make sure not to harm surrounding plants by spraying water on them before and after the procedure. After spraying the stains, you should allow the area to dry and then re-inspect the stain. The process is repeated until the area is no longer sticky.

Other Alternatives

The bleach-free alternatives work best, if you’d like to use a roofing contractor. Rock Solid Exteriors is a Michigan-based Owens Corning Platinum Preferred roofing contractor company. A roofing specialist will use advanced application techniques and powdered mixtures to remove stains from your roof. These solutions incorporate zinc to provide a long-term result preventing mildew, fungal spores, mold or roof leaks.


The best way to avoid roofing stains is to apply preventative products. Licensed roofing contractors should apply these products to avoid health hazards and preventing roof corrosion. The products discourage the growth of mildew and preserve your roof for a long time. These products include zinc sprays, anti-growth sprays, and resistant shingles. Zinc strips are installed near the apex of your roof and prevent the growth of fungus. Anti-growth sprays are applied after using bleach to prevent the reoccurrence of fungus. Resistant shingles have an addition of copper granules that make it difficult for fungus to grow.

In case you need more roofing tips on roof stain removal, contact Rock Solid Exteriors, your local roofing experts.

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