Reasons to Review Your Roofing Insurance Policy

Insurance companies today view roofing as the most important part of the house. The roof protects the rest of the house from major elements that may cause damage. A roof that is in a state of disrepair will, therefore, lead to further damage to the home. The process of filing a roof insurance claim in the event of damage and getting full reimbursement for your roof can be a tiresome process. It is important that you know what your roof insurance policy covers.

The simplest way to know this is by contacting your insurance company. Roof insurance policies take into account the area that you live in and the age of your roof. When making a claim, roofs under ten years are often fully compensated for the cost of repairing or replacing the roof. On the other hand, roofs over ten years are mostly paid at the depreciated value of the of rather than the full compensation. The reimbursement depends on the age and the extent of the damage.

To prevent the latter from happening, you should get your roof inspected by a Roof Insurance Claim Specialist. In Michigan, Rock Solid Exteriors is your local leading roof inspectors. Your roof inspector will be able to assess the damage and advise you concerning the repairs that are necessary and the approximate cost that the insurer will pay you.

Occasionally, people are disappointed when their home insurance is renewed without including the roof due to its age. There are several things you can do to get your roof to pass the insurance inspection. You should start by cutting down dead trees around the house. You should also replace broken shingles on your roof. Lastly, you should always observe a proper documentation process of your roof insurance claim using photos before the damage and after.

Choosing a roof contractor is a crucial decision. When dealing with your roof insurance claim, Rock Solid Exteriors should be your preferred choice. Rock Solid Exteriors provides the following exterior services: roofing, siding, gutter installation and repair, window and door repair, attic and home insulation, and more! Call for a free consultation at 844-75-SOLID.

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