Is it Time to Replace Your Jackson, Michigan Home’s Windows?

How do you know when it’s time to start thinking about replacement windows for your Jackson, Michigan home?

Here are X “hints” that the time may be nearing when replacing your windows is a good idea.

Your windows are damaged

Obviously, if a rock sails through and breaks it, it’s time for a new one. Yet time – and with it mold, cracks, chips, condensation – marches on and can create problems that can progress. 

A damaged window can also mean that its frame can become exposed to the elements (rain, snow, the humidity of summer), which could mean replacement is warranted sooner rather than later.

Note: windows that fog up could be a sign of damage and are another indication you may want to consider replacement windows.

Outdoor noise is harder and harder to ignore

Have you noticed traffic on your street is getting “louder”? It may not be an increase in cars but the fact that your Southfield home’s windows need replacing.

New windows can mean the difference between being truly annoyed when your neighbors’ teenagers have a party in their basement, or let the dogs bark too much, etc. and allowing “the ins and outs” of having neighbors “turn into a problem.”

Note: completely soundproof windows don’t exist, yet new windows with pans of different thickness can help lower the sounds at different frequencies. Window frames that are insulated with proper – airtight – installation also can help with sound resistance.

Poor energy efficiency and/or “new” drafts.

The price of cooling and heating our homes definitely has risen these last few years. Yet if you feel your electric/heating/cooling bills have skyrocketed recently, it’s smart to check on how energy efficient your windows are.

You’ve noticed your carpet/rug/wood floors and/or upholstery have started to fade in spots.

If you notice faded spots in certain areas of your home where the sun shines in, consider replacement windows. Faded spots is an indication that your current windows aren’t as energy efficient as they once were, or could be. 

If you do decide to replace the windows, look for those with Low-E (low-emissivity) glass coatings, which add layers of thermal protection, blocking UV rays that can cause fading. 

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