Replacement Windows: a Cozy Winter for Your Family

Winter here in Michigan isn’t for sissies: for example, the average winter temperature for Warren, Michigan is the mid-30s for the high and 22 degrees F or so as the low. 

That’s why energy efficient replacement windows could be the best gift you could give your home – whether before or after the holidays – this season. 

And the gift will keep on giving as your replacement windows will help keep you and your family cool in Warren, Michigan’s humid summer. 

Note: when we talk of replacement windows that help keep your home’s indoor temperature comfortable all year, we mean energy efficient windows

Not all replacement windows need to be energy efficient… 

…Although we highly recommend them. 

Replacement windows for your Shelby Township home come in many different styles: single-hung (popular in coastal areas) and double-hung (the most popular type in the country), with top and bottom sashes that can be raised and lowered. 

Sliding windows can really let the view in, as they tend to be wider than they are tall. They slide to the right and left, rather than open up and down. 

Casement and awning windows are those that you use a hand crank to open, rather than pushing them up, down or sideways. 

Picture windows don’t open at all and are meant to be placed in walls in your home that showcase the view. 

Acrylic block windows allow a lot of light in, while providing you with plenty of privacy, as they are made by injecting resin into pre-designed molds of different sizes and even shapes. (Block shapes tend to be the most common). They can be used in bathrooms, yet also can be used to create beautiful interior dividing walls, partitions, transoms, and sidelights for existing windows and even shower enclosures. 

Garden windows – often used in the kitchen – stick out from the wall like a bow or bay window and contain shelves for plants and knickknacks. 

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