Winter Home Improvement Ideas

Winter – officially – will be here before we know it. 

With the outside…cold if not frigid winter is a great time to get so some Rochester Hills home improvement projects. 

Do them now and you’ll have more free time in the summer to enjoy the outdoors without that niggling feeling that you should be home, painting the living room… 

Here are some great Eastpointe home improvement ideas you can start – and complete – in winter. 

Get organized. 

Not only can you unclutter accumulated stuff, you can organize the items you keep so that you know exactly where everything is. No more rustling through the “junk drawer” to find extra smartphone charging cord. 

Replace flooring. 

Whether it’s for the kitchen, the bedrooms or the living room, winter is a great time to replace your home’s outdated flooring. You’re no doubt spending most of your time inside anyway. Why not make the floors upon which you walk as gorgeous and comfortable as possible? 

Stop drafts 

Strengthen your defenses against unwanted small creatures. Replacing drafty windows will make winter more comfortable and save money.  

Insulate your walls and attic  

Insulate your walls and attic so that you and your family will stay cozy-comfy in the freeze of winter as well as the heat and humidity of summer. 

Protect Against Ice 

Check walkways, concrete and masonry for cracks. Winter can be hazardous enough with ice; check your home’s masonry for chips, cracks and other signs of damage before it becomes too cold. Frigid, dry air can naturally cause any existing cracks to expand during winter. So long as it’s not really cold yet, repairing them now is a good move for the rest of winter and beyond. 

Repair – or even replace – your roof  

  • Especially if you notice missing or curling/bent roof shingles. 

Check Your HVAC System 

An extremely important Eastpointe home improvement task is to check your HVAC system before the full brunt of winter arrives. You’ll want to make sure your system will deliver peak performance for you and your family before the truly frigid temperatures and snow drifts arrive. 

Rock Solid Exteriors can help you with many of the above home improvement ideas, including roof replacement, window replacement, interior home insulation. 

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