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When you are developing a new property or enhancing an existing one, you need a siding contractor you can trust. At Rock Solid Exteriors, we provide high-quality exterior results for both homes and businesses alike. 

Now, when we say we deliver top-notch siding installation and replacement services, we are not mincing words! Our team goes beyond the call of duty to provide satisfaction to our long list of returning clientele. 

Our licensed roofing and siding contractors have over 25 years of knowledge of the latest and greatest siding materials. As a valued customer, you’ll interact with our top siding specialist. Their sole job is to guide you through the material, cost, maintenance, and durability decisions you face.

By scheduling an appointment with a representative, you’re taking the first step in a seamless, transparent, and effective process. From there, our team will provide a free assessment, help you determine the siding materials and design for your home, and conduct an installation process that will leave you 100% satisfied with the results.

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Our Inspection Process

You’ll find our siding inspection process is both easy and efficient. Here’s how it works;

  • You Schedule Your Appointment

    It all begins with an easy phone call – you simply pick a convenient time for you, and we’ll send a certified expert to assess your siding.

  • We Thoroughly Inspect Your Siding

    Our experts visit your property on making an assessment of your entire house. We’ll look at the health of your shingles, gutters, and more.

  • You Receive a Comprehensive Siding  Report

    Once we’ve gathered all the intel, we repurpose our findings into an easily digestible siding report, detailing all of our recommendations for a stronger, healthier home, complete with new construction pricing.
    With your sign-off, we get construction started.

Types of Siding Materials

The siding materials you install on your home will impact a wide variety of factors such as cost, labor, and long-term effectiveness. Our team generally recommends investing in high-quality siding materials, as the investment is well worth it in the long run.
Depending on your home’s unique needs, we’ll help you decide on one of the following:

  • Insulated Siding

    Insulated siding provides energy efficiency due to its ability to counteract the “bridge effect” in homes. While this type of siding costs more than standard vinyl siding, you’ll save big on heating and cooling for years to come. The insulation also reduces the noise coming from outside and it lays flatter than the conventional siding.

  • Hard Plank Siding

    Hаrd Plank ѕiding is mаnufасturеd with сеmеnt аnd dоes nоt degrade. This cost-effective material is one of the most durable siding options you can select. You won’t need to worry about regular upkeep such as саulking, раinting, and regular сlеаning.

  • Brick and Stone Siding

    Brick аnd Stone Siding brings a classic look to your home’s curb appeal while providing exceptional utility. You can select a variety of colors and styles to fit your own vision, and you won’t need to worry about siding for a long time. Brick and Stone materials are on the expensive side but make for a great investment given their tremendous versatility and value.

  • Cedar Shake Siding

    Cеdаr shаkе siding is popularly used as аn аltеrnаtivе fоr Mаѕоnitе. It mimics masonite in look and feel to a certain degree, but requires significantly less maintenance. Upon installation, this material can be trеаtеd for stain, preventing it from peeling or decaying for may years.

  • Veneer and Synthetic Siding

    Veneer аnd sуnthеtiс siding functions as аn аltеrnаtivе fоr stucco аnd briсk. Hоwеvеr, thеse materials dо not offer the latter’s durаbilitу аnd quality. Still, many who are looking to enhance the look of their home or building will find a stone veneer is the perfect cosmetic addition for accomplishing a modern and beautiful update.

  • Clapboard Siding

    Clарbоаrd siding is mаnufасturеd from wооd. Althоugh thiѕ tуре оf fiber cement siding соѕtѕ mоrе compared tо оthеr ѕidingѕ, it hаѕ a lоngеr lifе аnd a more appealing finiѕh. Also, when uѕеd with ѕtаin-рrооf рrоduсtѕ, it does not hаvе problems ѕuсh аѕ рееling.

Our Services Include


Every partnership begins with a free consultation and siding inspection. We’ll take a close look at your property and provide recommendations for how we would repair your siding, or if repair is impossible, we will implement new siding for your home. 

Siding Materials

Selecting siding materials is one of the most fun parts for many of our clients. During this phase, we can provide suggestions to fit your unique property, including design properties or a selection of high-quality siding materials

Installation & Emergency Repair

Once the design and scope are agreed upon, we enter our plan into action. You can expect professionalism and punctuality from our expert siding team, installing your new siding to your complete satisfaction. 

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Replacing your siding adds value and longevity to your home – and you can take the first steps toward a healthier home right now.

Financing Options Available

Exterior projects can add up quickly, but their worth to your home far exceeds the cost. Financing options are always available to homeowners looking to improve their property and prevent future damage. For more information, ask our representatives for affordable options in your siding plan.