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Why Rock Solid?

Gutter Replacement, Installation, and Protection:

Your home is a great investment that requires meticulous attention. Consequently, it’s crucial to hire an informed professional who doesn’t just have the right set of skills, but also enough experience to deliver a high-quality job. Our installers are insured and bonded to ensure that you are protected against bad installations and damages caused by a careless installation.

Leaf Relief and Shurflo Gutter Guards:

Rock Solid Exteriors teamed up with both Leaf Relief and Shurflo in order to bring your gutters to the top of the line. Making sure they never clog and keeping your home from any gradual erosion damage or flooding.

Seamless Gutter Looks:

At Rock Solid Exteriors we want your house to look just as you would imagine, so we specialize in making sure your gutters look seamless to keep that visual appeal to the max. A smooth transition between roofing and gutters not only looks nice but also helps prevent against leaking and ice damming in the colder seasons.

New & Improved!

Upgrade Your Home’s Curb Appeal


Through the multiple benefits that gutters have they truly upgrade the home’s curb appeal. New gutters not only give the home a fresh face-lift but also protect the roofing system, foundation and landscaping. They are a vital part of the entire home and property’s health and are often an underrated part of the exterior!


Benefits of Replacing Your Gutters

Protect Your Home!

Safeguard the Entire Home


From the foundation to the roof, new gutters help protect the structural integrity of the home. Gutters direct water away from the foundation and landscaping to prevent erosion and basement flooding. They also help prevent ice dams by helping keep water from freezing on the roof during the frigid winter months.

Less Maintenance!

Save Time and Money


All of our gutters we install are seamless and do not require the same maintenance of  repainting and re-sealing that gutters with seams require. They also are compatible with modern gutter protection which helps reduce the seasonally gutter cleaning that gutters without protection demand. Seamless gutters with gutter protection are virtually maintenance-free!

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Replacing your gutters adds value and longevity to your home – and you can take
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Home improvement projects can add up quickly, but their worth to your home far exceeds the cost. Financing options are always available to homeowners looking to improve their home and prevent future damage. For more information, ask our representatives for affordable options in your home improvement plan.

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